Partnering with Youth First

Youth First deliver via both direct delivery and partnering/commissioning others. This includes partners operating from our sites and as well as working with us at other locations.

We are always looking for new partnerships to best meet the needs of our young people, if you would like to discuss a prospective project please email with a summary of your proposal.  Ideally this would be a project that does not require cash funding, but instead seeks to use our brand, sites and expertise in partnership with your own.

Youth First does spend some of our budget on commissioning others to provide for young people. Current contracts are fixed until August 2017 however our new commissioning round for 2017-2019 will open in May. Please come back here for more information on the various tenders we will be seeking and how to apply.


We want to support young people in Lewisham in the best possible way, with services and activities that are fun, vibrant and high quality, support their learning and life skills and enable them to make the most of what London and Lewisham have to offer.

As an organisation funded through the Commissioned Youth Provision 2016/17 process, your project is expected to help us achieve this. This specification sets out what we are looking for from your organisation.

The vision of Lewisham’s Children and Young People’s Strategic Partnership is as follows: ‘Together with families, we will improve the lives and life chances of children and young people in Lewisham’. This vision underpins our aims for the Youth Service and the capabilities and outcomes we want young people to achieve through youth provision.

Central to these aims is the development of key capabilities in young people. The capabilities below are those that we want commissioned youth provision to achieve for young people; we will measure the success of your project through the development of these capabilities. Your project will not need to achieve every capability listed; instead you will need to select the capabilities you can best achieve for young people through your project.

  1. Managing feelings – Understanding their own feelings, and being able to regulate and reflect on them.
  2. Resilience and determination – Feeling that they have a sense of purpose that motivates them and encourages resilience and determination.
  3. Making the most of London – Being able to take advantage of the opportunities around them, including those outside Lewisham.
  4. Confidence and aspiration – Having high aspirations and confidence in their ability to achieve and make positive choices.
  5. Planning and problem solving – Being able to plan and problem solve effectively, setting their own goals and analysing situations to reach their own judgements.
  6. Relationships and leadership – Developing positive relationships, including the ability to emphasise, accept differences and manage conflict successfully.
  7. Creativity – Having an open mind towards new ideas so that they can imagine and develop new ways of doing things.
  8. Strengthening citizenship – Taking pride in their community as positive and active citizens of Lewisham, able to become future leaders.
  9. Communication – Being confident in expressing themselves in different ways, sharing their views and listening to others.